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Colcom Foundation: Preserving Nature and Addressing Global Challenges

Colcom Foundation is a private Organization that was established in 1996 by Cordelia S. May. As a nature lover, May strongly believed that humans and nature must coexist as any imbalance will read to destruction. This is the core belief of the foundation to date. Some trusts that have benefited from May’s work include Hollow Oak Land Trust and Westmoreland Land Trust. Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, a nonprofit law firm that deals with regional environmental issues, has also been a beneficiary.

Family planning and Immigration

As the world population grows, the risk of destroying the ecosystem is high. Colcom Foundation believes by controlling world population growth, we conserve nature. Research has shown that species get displaced from their natural habitation as the human population grows.

To prevent this, Colcom Foundation has mass media education to reduce the birth rate globally.

Another area of concern to the organization is the immigration rate. Pew Research Center records show 88 percent of population growth in the US is caused by immigration. To save the shrinking ecological footprint in the US, the foundation encourages healthy public conversation on immigration. Its vision is to see the US population gradually reducing by 2040.

Sixth Mass Extinction

Several studies have shown nature can improve mental health, increasing creativity. Unfortunately, species extinction has been on the rise lately due to ecosystem destruction. To fight this, Colcom Foundation is partnering with scientists to educate the masses in what they call today the “Sixth Mass Extinction”. With the root cause being explosive human population growth, the foundation is eager to control this.

Technology has simultaneously advanced in recent years, enabling humans to consume more resources. Just as humans use technology to conserve nature, they have used it to destroy it. To curb this, the Colcom Foundation has been educating people about the ethics of limits as a way of conservation. See related link for additional information.


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