Understanding AIS Healthcare And Its Healthcare Operations

AIS HealthcareAIS Healthcare is globally recognized as the number one infusion care and targeted drug delivery provider. Dedicated to doing what matters to improve patient’s lives, it stands out from other similar organizations because of its two 503A pharmacies used for specialty compounding.

They have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained lab employees, allowing them to make and distribute numerous prescriptions daily. The laboratories are in Ridgeland, Mississippi, and Dallas, Texas, the organization’s headquarters. Both facilities heavily emphasize safety to ensure nothing happens to their employees or patients.

They also have a tested and proven proprietary process that uses terminal sterilization, a standard in the pharmaceutical industry, and aseptic processing to formulate patient-specific prescriptions. That helps them achieve extended Beyond-Use Date for their medications and high-level sterility assurance.

Besides compounding prescriptions, AIS Healthcare has a network of skilled nurses who offer patient-specific care services across the United States. They help with handling patient onboarding, billing, plus payment. They also emphasize patient engagement and coordination, encouraging close monitoring and administration of proper medications.

Advanced Infusion Care

This division majors in administering SubQ (subcutaneous) immunoglobulin and IV therapy. They use a partnership between nationally certified AIC home infusion specialists and physicians to deliver consistent and patient-specific infusion services.

All AIC patients have 24/7 access to intake managers, infusion nurse specialists, and clinical pharmacists.

Targeted Drug Delivery

The TDD division is the one responsible for compounding and delivering patient-specific medication. It also has specialists available to help patients throughout their treatment processes and answer all their questions.

AIS HealthcareThey have introduced Clinic Connect, Care Connect, and Home Connect to make the TDD division more effective and helpful.

  • Clinic Connect– This provides skilled and experienced nurses to assist with the growth of TDD programs. Clinic Connect nurses are in charge of ordering medications, pump refills, care coordination, scheduling visits for pump patients, documenting care in the HER system, and getting abs for compliance testing.
  • Care Connect– This phone-based care coordination system helps support and monitor patients’ pump therapy. It includes patient access to insurance support and billing, phone-based care management, health education, and 24/7 phone support for patients from pharmacists and nurses.
  • Home Connect– This program gives patients comfortable and convenient in-home and physician-directed TDD care. It includes pump remote assistance, availability for frequent visits, physical and functional assessments, routine and complex refills, and MRI pump support when necessary.