All About Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s KitchenIn the world today, there are many different companies and brands offering sustainable, vegan foods. But one company stands out from the crowd; Amy’s Kitchen, based in Petaluma, California.

Amy’s Kitchen was founded in the late 80s, by two expecting parents, Andy and Rachel Berliner. When they couldn’t find organic, vegan-friendly foods that tasted good to them, they decided that they’d take matters into their own hands and make some of their own.

Not long after their daughter Amy was born, they worked with Rachel’s mother Eleanor to create a pot pie. From the first bite, they knew they struck gold, and with the suggestion from Eleanor to name it after their daughter, the new company was born.

In the present day, the company offers a wide variety of organic vegan foods across many different cuisines. Some of their offerings include burgers, pizzas, macaroni dishes, wraps and burritos, and other various soups and bowls.

In addition to selling their foods to markets, they also offer roadside food through their Amy’s Drive-Thru chain, which has filled a niche for vegan fast food that few have tried to fill before. For National Veggie Burger Day, they’ve held promotions which include burger tastings and giveaways.

Amy’s KitchenThey also have an interest in sustainability and renewable energy. 3/4ths of the company’s packaging can be composted or recycled, with the company working towards closing in on making the last quarter of their packaging similarly environmentally-friendly.

In an era where more and more people are considering trying vegetarian and vegan diets, Amy’s Kitchen is sure to be a brand they’ll be flocking to.