Culture Consulting Top 10 Commercial Brokers

Hughes Marino Among the Top 10 Commercial Brokers

Hughes Marino, one of the fastest-growing commercial culture consulting and representation firms with offices in San Diego. It specializes in providing ample expertise to tenants and buyers for their culture consulting needs. They also offer numerous innovative solutions to tenants looking for a new home or opening a business in the Southern California area. Hughes Marino focuses on meeting the needs of both clients by going above and beyond expectations.


Hughes Marino is an award-winning representation firm with over 40 years of experience in its industry. They are experts in their field and are ranked among the top 10 commercial brokers regarding lease transactions for tenants and buyers. Below are the services and products Hughes Marino offers to clients looking for commercial property.


  1. Tenant Representation


The firm specializes in representing tenants with their commercial lease and space needs. They offer various options for clients regarding finding the perfect office space. They also help clients in the negotiation process and walk them through the whole process, from start to finish.


  1. Lease Accounting


Hughes Marino offers extensive experience in lease accounting and services. They have extensive knowledge of all accounting aspects and provide exceptional service for clients who have already leased property or are looking for a new space to move into.


  1. Construction Management


The firm has extensive experience in construction management and can aid clients looking for help in the process and onsite management. Hughes Marino holds a proven track record of success within the clients that have trusted them.


  1. Planning and Design


Hughes Marino corporation works with clients and architects to develop brands and refine their commercial culture consulting. They work with designers to fit the client’s needs. The representation firm believes that connecting clients with their dream locations and amenities is a crucial part of creating a positive work environment, ultimately leading to company growth and success. They have helped numerous businesses worldwide find their perfect space while also matching buyers with ideal properties.