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Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn Takes Positive Action to Realign the Sports Illustrated Brand

Ross Levinsohn Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn’s recent and sudden departure from the company is a tremendous loss for sports enthusiasts all across the country. The men charged with creating and supporting the iconic magazine hit yet another snag when deciding how to focus on what is expected to be an explosive 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. For Sports Illustrated to maintain its leading status, it needs a strong balance of different opinions, achievements, and perspectives that only someone with deep knowledge of sports can bring forth.


Sports Illustrated began as a college publication after an Iowa student gathered several sports fans together in the hopes of creating a magazine that would cover everything from football to the Olympics. The first issue was released in 1954 and has been one of America’s most respected sports publications. Over time, Sports Illustrated has given millions of people more insight into the world of sports than any other publication has been capable of.

Loren Steffy, who joined the company in January of 2012, was one of the key people responsible for helping Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn Levinsohn retain his position as CEO. Steffy has been a leading force on how the publishing company should be going forward, and stepping down is not a decision he takes lightly.

Sports Illustrated is a publication that is known for its ability to cover everything from the Olympics to politics. The amount of experience Sports Illustrated has in its writers and contributors is second to none. It is hard to imagine how the publication will be able to replace Mannie Jackson, who covered the Olympics for Sports Illustrated for nearly two decades before his death in 2013.

Leading up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, great excitement surrounded this year’s games. With the vast number of sports being represented in both the Summer and Winter Games, people can receive a wide variety of information from this year’s Olympics. A significant way Sports Illustrated can cover these events for its diverse readership is by delegating contributions from contributors based on their areas of expertise.