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Reeve Benaron: Research and development of COVID-19 Tests Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live their lives. One of the biggest changes for people in the U.S. is the arrival of home testing for the virus. The Food and Drug Administration granted manufacturers of Covid-19 test emergency powers to sell their products through pharmacies and other stores. Reeve Benaron is playing his part in bringing new medical technologies to our homes to help us understand our Covid status.


Medical professionals and advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ask for individuals to keep at-home Covid tests on hand at all times. Reeve Benaron states that knowing your Covid-19 pandemic status can mean the difference between spreading the virus and keeping your loved ones safe.


At-home testing is not meant to be the only form of screening, Reeve Benaron explains. He believes it is important to put the power over understanding Covid-19 in the hands of consumers. The entrepreneur and former First Vice-president of Solomon Brothers believe at-home medical technology can form a part of the future medical sector.


The interest in medical technology and at-home testing of Reeve Benaron comes at a time when consumers want to understand the effectiveness of their choice of test. The PCR test remains the gold standard of Covid-19 testing. At-home tests play their role in helping us understand our status. Each at-home Covid test has its accuracy level, meaning your choice of the test is important to your health. 

Empowering individuals to combat Covid-19 is part of Reeve Benaron’s investing initiative. Intrivo has been recognized for its accomplishments in digital health; the company was honored to receive many awards. Under his leadership and with investment from existing partners, Intrivo is poised to be the leader in emerging technologies that will impact lives. Led by Reeve Benaron, the company has experienced tremendous success and is poised to continue with exciting announcements.