Against All Odds: Fabletics’ Success in a Competitive Environment

Kate Hudson is a force to be reckoned with. You might not know it given her graceful demeanor and soft-spoken ways, but this Almost Famous star is a businesswoman with a knack for business growth and customer service. She transitioned from one of the world’s most-loved on-screen actresses to being a class act in business, seemingly with ease. In fact, Hudson managed to grow her athletic apparel line, Fabletics, from zero to $250 million in the space of three years, an impressive feat for any business owner. But how did she do it? What made her so successful? And what was she up against?


A Competitive Landscape


With Amazon holding onto 20 percent of the fashion market, most people would have had second thoughts about creating a fashion brand and hoping for success. But Kate Hudson knew that she had more than just low prices. She has a knack for figuring out her target market and reaching them where they are, a skill set she employed in an extremely powerful way when building Fabletics.


Understanding Her Market


One of the reasons Kate Hudson was so successful in creating Fabletics was the fact that she was able to understand her target audience and provide them with exactly the products they need. Going on the assumption that knowing who your market is and what they need would lead to improved success, she took the time to really understand the needs of those who would most likely purchase her items. They were mostly women who wanted functional, affordable, comfortable activewear that they actually wanted to be seen in outside the house. Hudson was on it.


Reverse Showcasing


There’s a trend among shoppers that’s proven to be a negative trend for business owners: showcasing. Showcasing is when you go into a brick and mortar store, look for what you want, and then shop for it at a lower price online. Hudson thought she could reverse that process, starting out with an online presence and bringing her online customers into the physical Fabletics stores. It worked like a charm. In fact, 30 to 50 percent of those who walk into a Fabletics store are already members, and an additional 25 percent sign up in-store. Taking a negative trend and making it a positive for her business is part of what makes Hudson’s approach so revolutionary.


Kate Hudson tapped into the need of many athletes. From casual gym-goers to endurance athletes, her customers love her for creating fashionable activewear that’s as functional and affordable as it is beautiful. Be sure and take the fun Lifestyle Quiz on the Fabletics page to find out which Fabletics products best suit your lifestyle!

The Steps To Building A Successful Brand Like Fabletics

Entrepreneurs need as many examples as they can get when it comes to putting together brands. For one thing, putting together a successful brand requires a lot of thought being put into it. For one thing, the entrepreneur needs to think about what he is selling. He also has to think about his business model and how he is going to reach his audience so that he can gain loyal customers. He also has to be willing to put in tons of hours so that he can get his business off the ground. Even after that, he has to be willing to sacrifice tons of hours so that he can keep his business going.


One of the most important decisions is whether or not the business is going to develop its own products or sell products from other companies. In the case of Fabletics, they have decided that they want to develop their own products to sell to the customers. There are plenty of advantages to this approach. For one thing, this gives them more freedom to come up with very unique designs for clothing that they want to offer their customers. However, the most important aspect of their business is the message that they want to send people.


The most important step to success is in the marketing. This is where reaching out to audiences with a combination of advertisements and community engagement is important. When one is involved in the marketing of his company, he has to make sure that he is willing to put in long hours of interaction. At the same time, he also needs the help of other marketers if he wants to bring forth desired results. However, some marketers can rely on their fame to bring forth the desired results. Kate Hudson is one famous marketer that has used her celebrity status to help with her marketing. Her celebrity status has also brought credibility to her brand because she is known as someone who could put together a well coordinated outfit and bring about elegant looks to the public. Therefore, she is a role model when it comes to fashion.