The Success Of QI Group Under Vijay Eswaran

rtq / April 19, 2017

Vijay Eswaran is not your average entrepreneur. He is an accomplished businessman who has made a fortune, providing business solutions in retail, direct selling, hotel, education and investment management services. Apart from being the founder of QI Group of Companies, he is also its Executive Chairman. QI Group of Companies is a successful business conglomerate that has remained profitable under…

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Food Business

OSI Group – An Amerian Dream Come True

rtq / April 9, 2017

OSI Group, a world renowned food supplier and true representation of the American dream. A German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky started a family owned meat market in the year 1909 with his family, right outside Chicago in a little suburb called Oak Park. After almost a decade the Kolschowsky family broadened their business and entered the whole…

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Legal Careers

Attorney Bruno Fagali Fights Against Corruption

rtq / April 7, 2017

Bruno Fagali is a resident of São Paulo, Brazil. He owns his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, where he specializes in cases that involve corruption, election laws, public law, and compliance. Fagali also works for new / sb where he is their Corporate Integrity Manager. Bruno Fagali has dedicated his legal career to fighting corruption and the abuse of power.…

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Housing Market

Developing An Achiever’s Mindset

rtq / March 22, 2017

The nature of life is for the people who are willing to view it differently. Their attitude should be different, and these people should develop the right skills to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals. A person with an achiever’s mindset is one with a solution-oriented approach towards life. This mindset helps a person to achieve their dreams. Such…

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Business StartUp

Mike Baur Helps Business Leaders Build Their Businesses

rtq / March 20, 2017

Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory. He wanted to start a business that would help other entrepreneurs that was trying to thrive. This has become a business that gives entrepreneurs a chance to get some coaching on a plethora of things like finance and marketing. It is easier for so many entrepreneurs to build better businesses when they have…

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Online Content

Making Unwanted Content Vanish

rtq / February 23, 2017

The whole point with online reputation management is to make sure that the image that the business or client presents to the world is a really good image. Therefore, monitoring is a necessary part of running a business. It is important to monitor what is being said so that the company can find any possible damages to the reputation and…

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