Dick DeVos and the Strength of Changing

rtq / January 18, 2018

Dick DeVos is a 61 year-old man who isn’t content with the status quo at all. His 59 year-old wife, Betsy, isn’t a status quo enthusiast, either. Dick has taken a wholehearted approach to change for ages now. His wife is no different. They’re a couple who have been working nonstop to provide the people of the United States with changes that can potentially enhance their existences. They have quite a few central points as well. Reform that involves the educational system is just one of many.


Dick DeVos has objected to many things throughout the course of his existence. He was disturbed by plans to construct a massive Grand Rapids, Michigan arena back in the nineties. He thought that this construction effort would be a major problem for the city. His nightmare scenario was to see Grand Rapids experience similar problems to Detroit, Michigan. Building the Palace of Auburn Hills wasn’t helpful to the metropolis. Building the Pontiac Silverdome didn’t do Detroit any favors, either. Those catastrophes taught DeVos a lot. They even inspired him to do anything and everything in his strength to halt the establishment of the arena. Learn more: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html


Dick and Betsy make an impressive duo. They put together an organization that’s named after them and called the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This group has helped many causes that are of value to the pair. It’s donated a considerable sum of money over the years. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated a dazzling $138.7 million between 1989 and 2015. All of this money went straight to culture, the arts, leadership incentives, churches, human services and medical care services. This money even often went to policy approaches that involved educational reform. Private educational institution scholarships were also a major priority.


Dick DeVos has done a lot to make the public aware of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He’s enhanced the operations of the city’s airport, first and foremost. That’s only the beginning. People who wanted to be able to travel straight from Grand Rapids to destinations such as Orlando, Florida, Baltimore, Maryland, St. Louis, Missouri and Denver, Colorado can look up to Dick and all of his efforts. Dick’s wife is a highly recognized woman by the name of Betsy. People know her as the United States Education secretary.


DeVos is an aviation enthusiast through and thorough. This shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone. He’s a devoted pilot who has a true penchant for being in the air whenever he can. This man has also been part of many business efforts throughout his long and notable career. He’s been part of big businesses including Amway and the Orlando Magic. He knows so much about everything from marketing to professional sports and beyond. DeVos’ interests are undoubtedly well-rounded. He also concentrates heavily on the universe of politics.


People who are familiar with philanthropic projects are often aware of Dick’s work. They’re frequently aware of his wife’s activities as well. These two individuals are constantly on the lookout for energizing philanthropic matters.