Inmate Communication

Why Securus Technologies is Vital for Safety in Prison

rtq / October 23, 2017

Each time I arrive at the jail to begin my shift as a corrections officer, I need to be completely focused on my job or lives can be on the line. These inmates have time on their hands, and are looking for any opportunities to lash out, and officers are usually the brunt of their frustration. My job is to not only watch my back, but every other officer on duty the day I show up for work.


As dependent as me and my team are at taking care of one another, we also rely heavily on other resources that make the job in the jail safe. It seems like yesterday when we all heard about Securus Technologies for the very first time. We discovered that they created a call monitoring system that could listen to inmates using the house phones and detect chatter on a variety of subjects.


Our phone monitoring system consisted of officers having to sit in a crowded room and try to make heads or tails of what the inmates were talking about. Not only was this not an exact science, we could have used these officers on the front lines to maintain order rather than they listening to calls all day. Securus Technologies changed that for us and made our facility that much safer.


According to Richard Smith, the current CEO of Securus Technologies, more than two thousand jails are using this new telephone monitoring system, so it was our turn to try. The LBS software does the work of the officers that used to be designated to listening to calls. When the software picks up on a conversation about contraband, gangs, weapons, and even drugs, the alert goes out to us and we can stop what we are doing and get a team to eliminate any threat.