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Norman Pattiz Talks About Norman Lear’s Aim to Revolutionize PodcastOne Through “All of the Above”

rtq / September 12, 2017

Norman Pattiz serves as the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, an American-based advertiser-supported network. Recently, he dropped a bombshell when he announced Norman Lear’s partnership with PodcastOne. Norman Lear is a World War II expert, producer, and writer. However, most people popularly know him as a legendary because of his famous sitcoms including Good Times, Maude, One Day at a Time, Good Times, The Jeffersons, among others. Through his creative pieces, Mr. Lear gave a new face to the American television. On joining PodcastOne where he will be hosting a program, “All of the Above, “no doubt he will take the listeners to unexpectedly enlightening conversational rides. Learn more:



A Bit of Niceties Regarding the Program



Mr. Norman is a veteran with an excellent broadcasting taste, which makes him a darling for many listeners. As such, he will be addressing a broad spectrum of issues including current affairs, comedy, family matters, music, politics, to mention but a few. Every week he will be accompanied Paul Hipp, an equally multi-talented actor and composer. The PodcastOne fans have an opportunity to pre-subscribe to their episodes and enjoy every Monday. While welcoming Norman Lear on board, Norman Pattiz confessed how much he admired Mr. Lear, his namesake. He described his participation as “gigantic, not to mention totally cool.” There was a time when Lear had over hundred shows, running nine simultaneously. He is simply a force to reckon.



Unique Aspects Informing Norman Pattiz’ Continued Success and Industry Relevance



Norman operates out of experience and informed ideas. On an interview, he says that to him, implementation means everything. In fact, it is the most crucial bit of laying a foundation for any business. Something else that he clarifies is that he does not run his responsibilities typically. He participates in nearly every bit of business operation including ad sales, talent acquisition, among other activities. When he hears ideas that could benefit their company, he evaluates their capacity to execute them after which the rubber meets the road. Throughout Norman’s life, he has never had a bad job. He set his foot on the right track from the word go, something that portrays his innate focus on the subject matter.



Understanding Where PodcastOne has Come From



Launching of PodcastOne was inspired by Norman Pattiz’ working at Westwood One. In 2013, the Courtside Entertainment owner launched PodcastOne. Hubbard Broadcasting then approached PodcastOne and bought a 30% stake. Later in November 2015, they closed a five-year deal with Adam Corolla, all for PodcastOne’s growth. It has since been success after success, making them realize a high rank in the broadcasting arena.

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