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Mark Hutchinson and his Love for the Wild

rtq / August 4, 2017

Mark Hutchinson is the founder of Wild Ark and also a big fan of the wild. He has dedicated his entire life to the wild and he grew up riding horses, mustering sheep, fly-fishing and also crawling into holes of wombats. Born in Australia, Mark lived as a jackaroo for one year while fishing and camping in Australia’s Far North. At the age of 19, he managed to travel the length of the African continent. After being inspired by his African ventures, Mark Hutchinson founded UNTAMED, an adventure company that would evolve into Avana, an ecotourism and training business. Learn more:

The dream of Mark is to inspire people in order for them to reconnect with nature via Wild Ark. Wild Ark is a business that is committed to preserve the fragile ecosystems in the world. In a recent interview, Mark stated that he grew up between Victoria, Queensland and the New South Wales. He added that every holiday he would spent on farms of his friends. Mark attended a University in Sydney where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Mark says that the mission for Untamed was to take people to the furthest outposts of Mother Nature. Learn more:

Wild Ark is focused on buying, protecting as well as restoring biodiversity land of high value and creates sustainable businesses on the land for the continuation and protection of those ecosystems. According to Mark Hutchinson, many people have lost their connection with the wild and it is important that there is a reconnection. Every person can find an activity to do like going for a walk in the bush, planting a tree in the backyard or simply surfing. Currently, Mark is studying Masters in Conservation and he says that this will help him, particularly in helping conserve the wild.

Mark Hutchinson says that he raises his family between the urban and wild area and this helps him connect with nature every day. He takes many trips to Africa and also North America in order to learn more about nature. Mark offers civic education about the wild and nature and also how people can conserve and reconnect with nature. Learn more: