Against All Odds: Fabletics’ Success in a Competitive Environment

Kate Hudson is a force to be reckoned with. You might not know it given her graceful demeanor and soft-spoken ways, but this Almost Famous star is a businesswoman with a knack for business growth and customer service. She transitioned from one of the world’s most-loved on-screen actresses to being a class act in business, seemingly with ease. In fact, Hudson managed to grow her athletic apparel line, Fabletics, from zero to $250 million in the space of three years, an impressive feat for any business owner. But how did she do it? What made her so successful? And what was she up against?


A Competitive Landscape


With Amazon holding onto 20 percent of the fashion market, most people would have had second thoughts about creating a fashion brand and hoping for success. But Kate Hudson knew that she had more than just low prices. She has a knack for figuring out her target market and reaching them where they are, a skill set she employed in an extremely powerful way when building Fabletics.


Understanding Her Market


One of the reasons Kate Hudson was so successful in creating Fabletics was the fact that she was able to understand her target audience and provide them with exactly the products they need. Going on the assumption that knowing who your market is and what they need would lead to improved success, she took the time to really understand the needs of those who would most likely purchase her items. They were mostly women who wanted functional, affordable, comfortable activewear that they actually wanted to be seen in outside the house. Hudson was on it.


Reverse Showcasing


There’s a trend among shoppers that’s proven to be a negative trend for business owners: showcasing. Showcasing is when you go into a brick and mortar store, look for what you want, and then shop for it at a lower price online. Hudson thought she could reverse that process, starting out with an online presence and bringing her online customers into the physical Fabletics stores. It worked like a charm. In fact, 30 to 50 percent of those who walk into a Fabletics store are already members, and an additional 25 percent sign up in-store. Taking a negative trend and making it a positive for her business is part of what makes Hudson’s approach so revolutionary.


Kate Hudson tapped into the need of many athletes. From casual gym-goers to endurance athletes, her customers love her for creating fashionable activewear that’s as functional and affordable as it is beautiful. Be sure and take the fun Lifestyle Quiz on the Fabletics page to find out which Fabletics products best suit your lifestyle!

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Has An Interesting Career With Bradesco

Not only is Luiz Carlos Trabuco the CEO of Bradesco, he is an award-winning celebrity within the Brazillian business world. His bank, Banesco, is known by just about every Brazillian that lives in a major city. Banesco branches are visible from every city center and they have cash machines in most supermarkets.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Rise With Bradesco
Since Luiz studied sociology at the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, it was hard to imagine him having a career as a banker. In 1969, at the ripe age of 18, he took an entry level position with Bradesco. After years of employment and finishing his studies, he became a Director in 1984.

In 1999, his performance had led him into the executives’ inner circle and he became Vice President of the bank that year. He was upgraded to the position of Chairman of the sister company Bradesco Seguros Group in 2003. It wasn’t until 2009 when he became the CEO of the company and continues with his leadership to this day. He is also considered to be one of the most influential people in Brazil, according to Epoca Magazine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco As The Personality Of The Year
Considering he is the CEO of one of the largest companies in the country, it is no surprise that he was awarded the title of Personality of the Year by Pedro Barbato Filho.

The awarding Institute recognizes this man’s wisdom in the industry and his persistent attitude when it comes to his own personal career. This is why he took this bank and turned it into the largest insurer and overall financial institute in Brazil. Until the competition merged, his company had the highest net worth in the country.

One of the more unique aspects of this man’s journey is that he has been with the same company for 28 years. Since he had become an adult, his life has been within the same office and he puts the company first in his life. His sales experience had helped him reform the company’s insurance wing so that it performs to the level of a first world country.

Luiz has a unique perspective of the insurance market in Brazil. He believes that the insurance industry is merely a private extension of the public welfare system of the country. If insurance services like his did not exist, there would not be the same amount of stability within welfare system as it is now.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the head of the Vice President of the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies in order to increase awareness of the importance of insurance. He is also the head of Fenasaúde, which is an educational group.

More About Bradesco
The company offers banking, internet banking, insurance, personal and business loans, savings bonds and other financial services. They have financial branches in many major locations around the world including New York, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.

One of the reasons why the bank has been expanding so much is through its recent aquisitions. They have bought up the competition like Banco Mercantil de São Paulo, Banco Ibi S.A and even Banco Bilbao Vizcaya.

With over 5,300 branches across the country, it is obvious that Bradesco is a major brand name in Brazil. The Bradesco Expresso units have been installed in over 38,000 grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores so that their customers can have access to their accounts virtually anywhere. They also contract with the Banco24Horas chain of ATM machines so that there are thousands of more access points for their customers.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

Lime Crime is ultimately one of the most well respected people in the world of makeup. She is quite pushy in how she wants things done in the sense that she works hard to give her brand what it needs. Lime Crime is such a great company because they strive to come up with new ideas and provide fans with makeup that they are going to enjoy wearing and using during the day. Lime Crime is very well respected. The brand cannot function without the mind of Doe Deere being refreshed every morning, and she shared in an interview about her lifestyle in the morning and how she copes with everything going on in her day.


Absolutely no social media or iPhone usage is allowed for the wee hours of the morning. She wakes up usually at 8 am in the morning, and this time for her is very fast paced because of the day ahead, but she likes to take her time and do things in between everything to ensure her day isn’t entirely straight to business.


She begins with a good glass of water to start the day, which we all know helps with the calming of the stomach to give the body a decent amount of appetite for the morning. Water could either suppress your diet or give you an appetite, so it’s different based on everybody. Either way, it’s beneficial for waking up the body. She likes to ensure that she is ready for the day by also stretching her body. While she does admit to not being entirely athletic, the stretching is a wonderful way to move around and get the body moving in different ways.


Doe Deere is definitely one of the best makeup artists out there. She works hard to ensure the brand is substantially growing and reaching new levels. Doe Deere is definitely one of the best out there in her industry because of the fact she works hard to connect with her employers. When the day is already beginning and she has had her good breakfast, she makes sure to use her phone to organize business priorities and organize everything to ensure everything is working smoothly. She speaks to everybody on a very personal level and through a chat system that allows for her to speak with everyone. It’s such a wonderful thing how well she brings everybody together and how much she offers her team.


Doe Deere is ultimately one of the best people in this business. She works hard to keep her business afloat and the brand continues to shine in so many ways. There’s no doubt that Doe is going to help this brand move forward in the right place daily.


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Mark Hutchinson and his Love for the Wild

Mark Hutchinson is the founder of Wild Ark and also a big fan of the wild. He has dedicated his entire life to the wild and he grew up riding horses, mustering sheep, fly-fishing and also crawling into holes of wombats. Born in Australia, Mark lived as a jackaroo for one year while fishing and camping in Australia’s Far North. At the age of 19, he managed to travel the length of the African continent. After being inspired by his African ventures, Mark Hutchinson founded UNTAMED, an adventure company that would evolve into Avana, an ecotourism and training business. Learn more:

The dream of Mark is to inspire people in order for them to reconnect with nature via Wild Ark. Wild Ark is a business that is committed to preserve the fragile ecosystems in the world. In a recent interview, Mark stated that he grew up between Victoria, Queensland and the New South Wales. He added that every holiday he would spent on farms of his friends. Mark attended a University in Sydney where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Mark says that the mission for Untamed was to take people to the furthest outposts of Mother Nature. Learn more:

Wild Ark is focused on buying, protecting as well as restoring biodiversity land of high value and creates sustainable businesses on the land for the continuation and protection of those ecosystems. According to Mark Hutchinson, many people have lost their connection with the wild and it is important that there is a reconnection. Every person can find an activity to do like going for a walk in the bush, planting a tree in the backyard or simply surfing. Currently, Mark is studying Masters in Conservation and he says that this will help him, particularly in helping conserve the wild.

Mark Hutchinson says that he raises his family between the urban and wild area and this helps him connect with nature every day. He takes many trips to Africa and also North America in order to learn more about nature. Mark offers civic education about the wild and nature and also how people can conserve and reconnect with nature. Learn more: