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Kim Dao Shares Her Evening Routine

rtq / May 24, 2017

When she gets home at the end of her day, Kim Dao likes to sit down and relax with her phone. She also Spends time in the evening reading and replying to comments and email. She also takes this time as an opportunity to edit her videos. Many evenings She likes to have dessert while she watches anime or some videos on Youtube.Learn more :


She looks forward to taking her makeup off at the end of the day. She makes sure to get it off completely by using wipes for her eyes, and Manara hot cleansing gel for the rest. The gel is a best seller in Japan, and it removes impurities, diminishes pores, and moisturizes. Then she showers as she explains that she prefers to shower at night, because she likes to go to bed clean. Then she blow dries her hair and applies oil. Next she has dinner, during this video she is eating in, but it is usually cheaper to eat out if you live alone. She usually sits around for a few hours watching videos before bed. Then she brushes her teeth. Then comes her skin care routine. First she uses toner, then essence, next emulsion, then moisturizer, and she finishes it off with a sleeping mask. With that done she goes to bed, where she pulls on some socks that help with circulation as she walks a lot in Japan. Before going to sleep she spends some time playing with her phone.Learn more :