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Online Reputation Management Companies Are Your Best Defense

rtq / May 8, 2017

Ones online reputation is an afterthought. Negative information about yourself is being shared with millions of people on the internet. The internet seems to be a simple tool to gather information or for entertainment, but it can be a hotbed of drama for those who find information about themselves.

The realization that your name, address, phone number, where you work, including a collection of recognizable people with your last name, could be published on the web, without your permission. This information is not private because it is in the public domain. Do you have any recourse? Can you have false, embarrassing information about your character flaws or defamatory information about yourself removed from the public glare? The answer is “maybe.”

A cottage industry, Reputation Defender companies, has flourished to repair your reputation. Perception is everything. Your reputation is sacred to maintain your standing with your friends and employer. Online companies cover your back and promise to protect your reputation using specific methods. However, there are exceptions, such as attempting to remove public records.

Removing negative information about you from the internet is a slow and arduous procedure which requires constant follow-up. The internet must regularly be scrubbed to find any information about you. It is reported that 92% of U.S. companies consider the information they find about you online, before the interview. At least, 34% of hiring managers decide not to hire you based on an online search. Your online record is permanent.

Online reputation management companies will educate and teach you how to attack negative information about yourself. These companies are not your lifelong partners. You cannot escape archived information about yourself. In October of 2001, a digital device called a Wayback Machine was developed. This digital tool archives all internet information and then it continues to analyze any new versions of the information.

The information control on the web is not just to manage reputation. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms to detect information it finds to be damaging. The internet is a megaphone of your voice and the voice of others who speak about you. Watch what you say.