Brad Reifler: An Extraordinary American Entrepreneur Making a Difference

Being the grandson of Ray E. Friedman, who is Refco founder, Brad Reifler is an US entrepreneur.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler is Forefront Capital’s founder and chief executive, and he is also Sino Mercury Company’s director. Brad Reifler was the founding partner CEO, and chairman of Pali Capital.

This company was found in 1995. He served as CEO until November 2008. Also, $1 billion in revenue and over 250 employees were gained in Pali Capital along with the expansion of offices in the US, the UK, Latin America, Singapore, and Austria. Before finding Pali Capital, Brad Reifler was Refco’s star trader. And in 2000, Refco acquired his first company, Reifler Trading Company.

This company launched in 1982 when Reifler started his independent career. Other positions Brand Reifler held include being the director for European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities, and being the founding director of Wins Finance Holdings.

The Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler recently began a fund called Forefront Income Trust. This is a non-traded, interval and public fund. Also, this is a 40 act fund focusing on assisting middle America in investing in products that were reserved only for the one percent accredited investor.

Being non-correlated to equity markets, money is not made until the investor makes eight percent. Also, three percent is donated to military and veteran families for direct investments. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Shares are bought back by the fund quarterly to at least give investors partial liquidity. All investments are uniquely specialty finance opportunities and asset backed loans that are sourced by business leaders indirectly and directly part of the Forefront community.

Kim Dao Shares Her Evening Routine

When she gets home at the end of her day, Kim Dao likes to sit down and relax with her phone. She also Spends time in the evening reading and replying to comments and email. She also takes this time as an opportunity to edit her videos. Many evenings She likes to have dessert while she watches anime or some videos on Youtube.Learn more :


She looks forward to taking her makeup off at the end of the day. She makes sure to get it off completely by using wipes for her eyes, and Manara hot cleansing gel for the rest. The gel is a best seller in Japan, and it removes impurities, diminishes pores, and moisturizes. Then she showers as she explains that she prefers to shower at night, because she likes to go to bed clean. Then she blow dries her hair and applies oil. Next she has dinner, during this video she is eating in, but it is usually cheaper to eat out if you live alone. She usually sits around for a few hours watching videos before bed. Then she brushes her teeth. Then comes her skin care routine. First she uses toner, then essence, next emulsion, then moisturizer, and she finishes it off with a sleeping mask. With that done she goes to bed, where she pulls on some socks that help with circulation as she walks a lot in Japan. Before going to sleep she spends some time playing with her phone.Learn more :


Online Reputation Management Companies Are Your Best Defense

Ones online reputation is an afterthought. Negative information about yourself is being shared with millions of people on the internet. The internet seems to be a simple tool to gather information or for entertainment, but it can be a hotbed of drama for those who find information about themselves.

The realization that your name, address, phone number, where you work, including a collection of recognizable people with your last name, could be published on the web, without your permission. This information is not private because it is in the public domain. Do you have any recourse? Can you have false, embarrassing information about your character flaws or defamatory information about yourself removed from the public glare? The answer is “maybe.”

A cottage industry, Reputation Defender companies, has flourished to repair your reputation. Perception is everything. Your reputation is sacred to maintain your standing with your friends and employer. Online companies cover your back and promise to protect your reputation using specific methods. However, there are exceptions, such as attempting to remove public records.

Removing negative information about you from the internet is a slow and arduous procedure which requires constant follow-up. The internet must regularly be scrubbed to find any information about you. It is reported that 92% of U.S. companies consider the information they find about you online, before the interview. At least, 34% of hiring managers decide not to hire you based on an online search. Your online record is permanent.

Online reputation management companies will educate and teach you how to attack negative information about yourself. These companies are not your lifelong partners. You cannot escape archived information about yourself. In October of 2001, a digital device called a Wayback Machine was developed. This digital tool archives all internet information and then it continues to analyze any new versions of the information.

The information control on the web is not just to manage reputation. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms to detect information it finds to be damaging. The internet is a megaphone of your voice and the voice of others who speak about you. Watch what you say.

Dick DeVos Details His Family’s Charitable Giving Over The Years

Dick DeVos, the son of one of the co-founders of Amway Corporation, recently detailed just how much he and his family have given away over the years. The total came up to almost $139 million over the course of he and his wife’s, Betsy, lifetimes. In just 2015 they gave away $11.6 million to various charitable causes. Adding in the money given away by his extended family including his father, they gave away $104 million in just 2015 which places them as 24th on Forbes’ “American Top Givers” list.

A large portion of the money that Dick and Betsy donate is for educational causes, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Potter’s House in Wyoming, and the Compass College of Cinematics Arts among others. In total, they gave $3 million to education causes in 2015. Much of the money goes to causes that back school choice. Dick DeVos has said that it’s very unfair that a child’s zip code is the primary determinate in the quality of the education they receive. Children in poor communities who have sub-standard education deserve a much better education than what they are currently receiving.

Arts and culture are another big focus of their charitable foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They gave $2.4 million in 2015 to organizations such as the DeVos Institute of Arts Management which is located at the University of Maryland. They also support ArtPrize, an annual art competition that is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dick DeVos started his professional career at Amway in 1974. He was involved in many different parts of the business including marketing, manufacturing, finance, and research and development. He earned a role as a Vice President in 1984 and led the company’s effort to expand internationally. When he took over in this role, only 5% of the company’s revenue was from international sales. By the time he moved on to another role, international sales made up a little more than half of Amway’s revenue.

In 1991, Dick was tapped by his father to be the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic NBA team which he had recently purchased. Dick served in this role for a few years before he rejoined Amway as the company’s President. During this time, he also co-founded a company his wife called The Windquest Group which is an investment company that focuses on technology and manufacturing.

Dick DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He also attended both Wharton School’s and Harvard Business School’s executive study programs, although he didn’t graduate from either. He has been given honorary doctors by three universities; Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Grove City College.