The Success Of QI Group Under Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is not your average entrepreneur. He is an accomplished businessman who has made a fortune, providing business solutions in retail, direct selling, hotel, education and investment management services.

Apart from being the founder of QI Group of Companies, he is also its Executive Chairman. QI Group of Companies is a successful business conglomerate that has remained profitable under Eswaran’s leadership.

Vijay Eswaran made an entry into the market in the year 1998, when he established QNET, QI Group of Companies’ flagship company. Today, the group enjoys a business presence in over 30 countries internationally with its offices in countries such as the UAE. The businessman is of Malaysian descent.

The group leverages the power of the internet to merge the physical and direct sales approach with the e-commerce in providing business solutions. With this strategy, the group has been able to record outstanding success making it a force to reckon with in business. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

The group focuses on enabling individuals and entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives while enhancing their lifestyles. It also creates relationships between ventures through calculated investments spread across the global market space. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

In the booming European numismatic and precious metals market, QI Group has been keen in standing out by providing the right commodity. Numismatic coins are valued for their scarcity and not as much for the metal from which they are made.

Examples of numismatic coins include the British Sovereigns and Swiss 20 Francs. They, alongside other precious metals such as Bullions, are used to store wealth.

Notably, in the year 1998, the group bought rights to trade in the commemorative coins for Asian Pacific Rim in the 2000 Olympics which took place in Sydney. The firm was ranked third among the biggest distributors in sales volume.

QI Group’s profits can only keep soaring under the able leadership of Vijay Eswaran. His direct selling approach to business coupled with the power of e-commerce keeps separating the company from its peers. The group also prides itself in the skilled human resource that is at its disposal.

OSI Group – An Amerian Dream Come True

OSI Group, a world renowned food supplier and true representation of the American dream. A German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky started a family owned meat market in the year 1909 with his family, right outside Chicago in a little suburb called Oak Park. After almost a decade the Kolschowsky family broadened their business and entered the whole sale end of the meat business. After 11 hard years in wholesale the company was Officially named Otto and Sons.

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The fate of this thriving young company took a turn for the best, unbeknownst to anyone at the time. The time is the mid 1950s and another company had just started out and needed the service of Otto and Sons. A deal was struck for Otto and Sons to supply all the beef for this, now infamous fast food establishment. As one company grew the other followed and this trend is still going today between theses two multiple billion dollar companies. Otto and Sons was formally name OSI Industries in 1975. OSI Group opened their first major facility in the early 70s, incorporating cryogenic freezing and specialty pre-formed hamburgers.

In 2011 OSI Group was named the 136th largest private company by Forbes Magazine, and in just five years they jumped to 58th at 6.1 billion in annual revenue. Between the 70s and now OSI has opened more than 65 plant in 17 countries all over the world. OSI has been awarded countless times for health and safety as well as environmental management.

OSI’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin has played a major role with the company for over 40 years and is continuing the legacy that Otto started so many years ago.

Attorney Bruno Fagali Fights Against Corruption

Bruno Fagali is a resident of São Paulo, Brazil. He owns his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, where he specializes in cases that involve corruption, election laws, public law, and compliance. Fagali also works for new / sb where he is their Corporate Integrity Manager. Bruno Fagali has dedicated his legal career to fighting corruption and the abuse of power.

It was in January 2006 that Bruno Fagali started his legal career as an Intern at the law firm Office Model Dom Paulo Everisto Arns. After serving as an Intern at two other law agencies Fagali joined Radi, Calil, and Associates Advocacy where he worked as a Lawyer.

new / sb is an advertising agency with a great many government contracts and putting out communications in the public’s interest. Due to this the founder of the agency, Bob Vieira da Costa, decided to put in place a system of good business practices in order to guard against corruption especially as an Anti-Corruption law had been passed two years previously. Part of this system was the development of the “Corporate Integrity Program”. Bruno Fagali was brought into new / sb in order to design and implement this program. Bruno Fagali also holds training courses for the employees of the company in order to teach them how it works and how to stay in compliance with it.

As part of his mission against corruption, Bruno Fagali has become an associate of the Brazilian Institute for Law and Corporate Ethics. He is also a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Bruno Fagali earned his law degree in 2012 from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and his Master in Law of the State from the University of São Paulo in 2017.