Developing An Achiever’s Mindset

The nature of life is for the people who are willing to view it differently. Their attitude should be different, and these people should develop the right skills to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals. A person with an achiever’s mindset is one with a solution-oriented approach towards life. This mindset helps a person to achieve their dreams. Such people develop a vision that enables them to understand their purpose on earth. They live towards fulfilling their dreams in life.

Todd Lubar has employed this mindset in his life. He looked beyond problems and came up with a solution despite the challenges he faced. His career engagement has articulated this attitude. Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He serves as the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University. He attained a B.A in Speech Communication.

Todd took a new move in life ( after graduation. He decided to venture in mortgage investment. This is not an easy field to pursue. It is associated with risks and a lot of insecurities. Many people are scared of owning property because of the demerits related to the industry. This did not discourage Lubar. It motivated his passion to help people. His determination has made him achieve what most people take long to complete. He has held different leadership positions in the industry. This has given him an opportunity to interact with the best individuals in the industry while sharpening his skills.

Todd’s leadership has developed and improved companies to levels that they had not reached before. In a report by, a company that was collapsing has risen again and started making profits under the leadership of Todd Lubar. This proves that he has vast skills in what he does. He used different strategies and approaches to address the crisis. Todd has shaken the industry in Madison. This is a place where people feared to own property. They are now purchasing property and improving their lives as a result of Todd’s influence. Everyone should follow Todd’s example if they wish to achieve their dreams in life.

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Mike Baur Helps Business Leaders Build Their Businesses

Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory. He wanted to start a business that would help other entrepreneurs that was trying to thrive. This has become a business that gives entrepreneurs a chance to get some coaching on a plethora of things like finance and marketing. It is easier for so many entrepreneurs to build better businesses when they have access to the right elements. This is what Mike Baur has realized over the years in the banking industry, and he created the company that would help entrepreneurs do this.


It is important for entrepreneurs to get funding, but they have to a business plan that works. This can be a tricky think because entrepreneurs do not always have access to someone that can lead them in the right direction. Mentors like Christian Brand and Kerstin Elsholz are connected with the Swiss Startup Factory. These are all people that have been accustomed to build interactive media marketing campaigns. These are people that Mike Baur is connecting people with in order to help entrepreneurs get through the hardships of starting a business.


The Swiss Startup Factory program is a 3-month program where people get the chance to engage in shared office space and coaching for business building. The 360 Services platform is where the Swiss Startup Factory really shines. Entrepreneurs get the chance to do more than simply get their ideas off the ground. The 360 Services gives entrepreneurs that chance to explore all the options for make the business a success. It is an A-Z process to developing a business with proper guidance from those that have done this.


Mike Baur has an MBA and an executive MBA from 2 different universities so he is prepared to help business leaders start their businesses. He has made a name for himself in the banking industry, and he has managed to help the new entrepreneur gain the proper experience. This is invaluable in a world where so many businesses fail. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the insight to get the business to a point where it is profitable. Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, and he has proven that there are a lot of people that need his services. He is the entrepreneur that has chosen to help other entrepreneurs. He has a strong desire to help entrepreneurs discover the best outlet for getting their ideas to the public.