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Athlo, The Future Of Fitness

The health and fitness business are changing tremendously with current trends and situations. An explosion in technology has created new ways for people to get fit on and off the treadmill. Discoveries are constantly added to the mix. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are changing the way people work out at home or in gyms.


Virtual Reality makes it possible to create 3D experiences of your exercise program that is interactive and engaging. The best part about the virtual fitness program is that users can engage with it anywhere, anytime. Exercising in the virtual environment allows you to engage your mind and body in ways you might not be able to do regularly.

Athlo is a fitness-sharing economy app conceived and built during the pandemic. The platform allows people to get fit without spending hours at the gym or getting frustrated trying to figure out what works best for them. This hybrid world, where both traditional and digital models will increasingly be used in tandem, is the industry’s future. While many see this as a positive shift for the industry, other commentators see Athlo as a threat to traditional commercial gyms or even home-based exercise programs.

Hybrid products are on the rise as people are now more open to new ways of doing things. Consumers are open to new ways of working out and staying healthy.

With almost everything turning to the hybrid way post-COVID, Athlo founder Matthew Mansell believes digital fitness will become the next fitness unicorn. He further reiterates that while most people are returning to physical gyms, there is a need to encourage partnerships between the two for mutual benefits. With more and more consumers coming to the table with warier eyes, the fitness industry will have to change and evolve to meet demands.

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